Nothing to see here, nothing to gain. I've had nothing to say since my first years on this earth. And if that was not enough, some people so much love it that way, that they put their children and women on the table as leverage for more.

Life has been a hell for the last fifteen years or so. I've spend my life trying to be accepted. I only find procreation, like an animal, as the only conscience. And then there is not much to below the universe I describe above.

In this "story" a certain Nathalie maybe Valletta played little but central role. She, and unfortenately two children J & J. which appearantly these people have no qualms about to use as leverage in social relations. And because I'm sure she wont be able to remember, this domain is still here. Even more so because I don't think she will ever believe one word I say or write. Or that she has had any idea of the consequences of her ideas and actions, and of how many so-called friends she has. Who are all quite willing to follow her creation, defend the same line and all the while all just as unable to bring anything positive into the light. Nowhere was there a place for me to go, while Nathalie has went on to create a little life for herself, I was alone with no one to talk to or share anything but her threats. The treatment she gives her man. Let alone find any help, positivity, or even mere friendship. Really, I have no one to turn to or who I knew or dared to ask for help for all of the time. Ten years. Fifteen years... so many more considering the "root" that Nathalie was getting at.. 20.. 30 years.

So if you where looking for anything, dear reader you've reached the end. I have. There has rarely been a good night sleep since 2007, and that is not talking about what is there instead of sleep. I can understand parts of it, but that merely seems part of the curse. If these persons think 5 or 15 year more will make me forget, well then that is just another nightmare to me. I don't dare to sleep anymore... Nightmares about them, about their families, their wishes, their responsibilities and social codes. How in the new Europe they help paedophile memes around, as if they are some cure. Or how after Nathalie's words, its all just man-eat-man, and women to prepare that feast... I'll just let the creations speak while I roll on like a "snowball into hell" I guess. It is not that I have something new to say, but alas I had already warned Nathalie about that too.

And there it still is. She held out. I didn't. To me it looks like I will have plenty of time to reconsider. "Forever and ever". Not my words. None of the qotes are.

Viking Zen