This space is now reserved bits on Nathalie Hendrix — aka. Sengtau Nathalie aka. Akasha aka. Se7ensinz Hendrix aka. Sunny aka. Alabama Hendrix, etc., etc. — and persons around her; the Valletta family in Almelo, Y. Maturbongs, T. Shippers & cs., Almelo.

Tuesday, Sept. 5. '16

I have not contacted some good persons I've known for years. And I think they and I will never do so anymore for subconscious reasons, but mostly for problems of allegiance and responsibility. I'm not the persons anymore that saw possibilities and dreamt of a girl 10 or 15 years ago.

The reason is in 2007 I was harassed by some people and a girl that believed my life and seks belonged to them. Their motivations quickly turned out to be children, and its mind control possibilities. And the perversions that grow from there. Bestiality. Incest. God. And more typical social dutch media maffia capacities.

I know the pain this mindset has caused my only girlfriend for a year. I wish I was able to treat her as she deserved, she's a good person.

But, five years after her there was a girl that called herself Nathalie, with two children of different fathers, that positioned herself as the 'prophet' of some psychic (non-physical) being. The same that motivated some turkish and maroccan neighbours. And she has since used my "self" to her own advantage using these memes.

I've since 13 years or so now followed the Viking Zen guidelines for dealing with psychic self-defence. Having a mother that equates sex with money, and/or as a responsibility for the handicap of his sister, I need such self-defence help. This psy ability must have been working very well, since Nathalie came over 60km to my "rescue". Or maybe more probably, Nathalie was downloading a bit too much fosilized Allah-Sin-Mountain goddess for her own good. And that is what brought her to me.

But when Nathalie came to "help" according to her own words, I let her for far too long. Having taking to myself since I was just a toddler I assumed that she could do the same. How wrong that I was. Only long after I came to understand slowly who and what she was helping really. Without even herself understanding this probably.

I have no need to bother any honest humans with all this, least of all the persons who did me good. And there where some. Some who did not have an agenda of "family", or "sex", or "money". But these are not here anymore. Now there is man and women who made children into their economy. And who try to make even more living of the problems it has created.

I myself have since not been able to get at the source of this behaviour. That is, this is a survival engram that has little concern for life or humans. And in the chaos religions it is not crossed, examined or cleaned because god (read some alien) has layed claim on it. And not only pretends it is beneficial, but needs to keep it under control to prevent its psychotic reality from falling apart.

The persons around Nathalie play god just like the monarchies and priests played god. By bluffing with big memes, and using masses - strength in numbers and anonimity - to resolve their responsibilities.

Very little persons are willing to take full personal responsibility. So that is why I now say that like Nathalie's, their god game is summarized as "seks, home and children".

I'll use this space to publish more thoughts I have daily about the things done. ("thoughts" is putting it mildly.)

One of the things I picked up form the Asatru is that the Aesir have always accused the Vanir of incest. Its too bad that Nathalie tried to use this god-game for vanir game, and that she is allowed to do so by her friends; her peers and guardians. But it is not my problem. She had two healthy children and a home when she met me, and the only problem she shared was 'being blue'. Not about money. Not about people harassing her. Not about problems with her home, children. Just some family politic, and her boyfriend Yurrien not being able to get work.

My problem is the schizofrenic reptilian being founding this. That is really on my mind since I am able to think for myself. Mindsets that causes people to hate jews or look for other names and groups to burn instead of sucking it up. The same morality that buys weapons from aid money. And lets parents martyr their children in name of an imaginary life.

I blame Nathalie. I blame her dealing with "fresh" actions, her "root" problems, and the hateful treatment I received from her and persons like her.

Recently, Nathalie demanded I remove my "lies" about her. Maybe she has a problem reading, so I will translate them for anyone. Write some more. Because not only am I not going nowhere. I'm also going to do little to no dancing, sporting, relaxing, or going out, without some parasite from her hands or thoughts - "creation" - taking advantage of it. So she can tell her friends to come indimidate me and tell me the "truth". Or the police, who she likes the send around empty handed. Or her father, who she and her mother probably took the opportunity I presented to push out of their lives too.

She shared that believes the reason I am here, is her. Its not my life. Not the mindsets I was raised with, or the allegiances I have. But her. I suppose she also believes I want her for some reason. But she knows I'm not interested in someone who uses these meme's above, and let alone have sex But she did managa that for me. There is a girl somewhere around budapest called Ester Susko that she can share her "truth" with. She started it.

So lies? What lies. That "everything would be well"? That she "l0ves" me? Now that she is using Yurrien for her child-economy, and then hopes to catch Timothy Schippers - her sasquatch - again afte that?

Well all I can say to her and hers, in her own words; "eat me".

I don't need "family" "forgiveness". And while she still continues on her "walking line" I'll just remember her and her friends and children who she is, what she creates. Those words in quotes were hers, but have been mine daily and nightly for the last 10 years and the rest to come. I do this alone. Like I've always done since just a couple of years old.

What else can I do.

But what does she do? What do her friends do? Heal people? Prevent incest while playing console games? Or by watching Peter R. de Vries from their couch in their safe and financed living room?

It is what it is, and that is what she does.