Its been over 20 years using .mpe, and with little other vanity publishing on the horizon its high time to leave a public note here. As a sort of status notice for this year.

Lately I have had more time to think, and been able to (very) slowly to work back to ideas that I already had long ago as well. Lots has changed, lots is still interesting. However at this point it seems I merely have a giant backlog and very few decisions left I can actually (functionally or technically) make anymore.

As for one example, I have been wanting to use tags as some sort of functional units probably since 2003 or something, as the old then had user-based folksonomies in their bookmarking system. However at the technical side I'm down to just 'write a shell script' since that is the only improvement over the (equally arcane) file system, that seems to be common to most or all other software.

There have been a few projects I wanted to announce, but not one is really is in a suitable state... or even public at this point, and there actually are some decisions. Not with technology exactly. Fact is I would just as happy continue to name people here. Even more as perfectly valid opinions and plausible observations are painted as somehow 'mad' by some (and not just said) people. And frankly because such things have become intolerably dominant.

So... may be you or anyone else can find out what I do for software, have books, and LEGOs and I don't know what also, publicly, on the web or elsewhere. But in none of those I find as much inspiration as to make up for any of it. Like when I was young, I am back at: all is said, all is done.

Still, in closing I hope that after reading this much of it you find your inspiration for 2024, a star or glimmering somewhere above or below the horizon so to speak may be. And this notice may not be yet a 'going away' message, but if tech will ever be the subject again here feels unlikely--at least not overtly or directly.